Farm Products direct to Consumers

The purpose of this site will be to provide a portal to farmers, ranchers, and other food product producers that will allow users of this site to "Opt-In" to purchasing products. Producers will be able to set limits of where their target market area will be. Users will be able to indicate how far they will be willing to travel for a producer's product or service. Exact address information will not be requested by this site. Email address information will be collected for producers to contact users directly. The idea of this site spawned from the Facebook group North Dakota Farm to Table. The plan is to provide a place where producers can present their product or services as subscription model, on demand, shipped, delivered, scheduled, etc. I have no intention of regulating prices. Prices will be negotiated between each user and producer.

This site costs $200.00 per month to maintain. If it all possible, I'd like for this site to pay for itself eventually. With enough people, this could end up being as low as $1 per month. If you wish to donate to this cause, you may do so below.

Current Status: Building user signup feature.